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Nov 03, 2005


michael d. pollock

hey evelyn:

thanks so much for the mention. and in the same post as guy kawasaki. too cool.

best - mp


The word _evangelist_ comes (by a long way) from Greek _euangelos_ which means _bringing good news_

It's imposible to bring good news if the subject of the news is bad or crap. You're then a liar, not a evangelist.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Welcome Michael.

Thanks so much for that tidbit on evangelism's roots. That reminds me of something ELSE Kawasaki said on that "good news" theme:

"The [customer evangelism] tactic works because people basically want to make the world a better place, according to Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the Start and How to Drive Your Competition Crazy. That is the frequent difference, he says, between evangelism and sales. "When you have such a cause, then people will view it as ‘good news' and they will spread this good news," Kawasaki says. "It works because people have other people's best interests at heart.""- The Power of One: Bike Maker Gears Up Customer Evangelists, CMO Magazine, Oct 2005

I used that quote in this post:


If you're interested in learning more about small business evangelism, visit Lots of great information on starting and marketing your dream business. And everything's free!

steven streight aka vaspers the grate

How odd that Kawasaki says you can't evangelize crap, yet he advanced the rotten "ship shoddy, but ship first" theory of marketing in his stupid book "Rules for Revolutionaries".

He championed the asinine idea used by some in Silicon Valley to "be first in the market to dominate it" even if it means putting a buggy product on the shelves.

"Don't Worry, Be Crappy" he proclaimed. Apologists claimed he meant don't fuss too much on the details, you can always issue a 2.0 version later.

Kawasaki advocated what I would consider to be consumer fraud in this phase of his writing.

Perhaps he has reformed.

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