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Nov 01, 2005



Just rented from budget rent a car in maui. I recieved a conformation number for the van we rented and the cost of renting it. It was a few dollars less than Avis rent a car. When we went to pick it up they charged us twice what we were quoted. They said it would be discounted when we dropped it off. We tried to return it 2 days prior and they said it would be the same amount. When we dropped it of they charged us over twice the going rate for maui and will not help us. We are proceding with state and legal for the fraud they did. We hope people will see this, and see what Budget is doing.


Although, it seems like an interesting way to get people to visit your blog. Could this be done on a much smaller scale to draw web traffic to a blog. Maybe the scavenger blog is the next reality TV.

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