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Oct 31, 2005


Christopher Carfi

Evelyn, some thoughts. First, the sage words of Blaise Pascal: "I would have written a shorter letter but didn't have time."

1) Get the idea across of what TARA Trek is, in a heartbeat. The FAQ at the TARA site is wonderful...but it requires a full read to grok what's going on. Please give us readers an index to the questions!

2) Why "TARA Trek," anyway? Who or what is "TARA" ... does it stand for something? What's the back story on that?

(AH! There it is, third paragraph from the bottom. Had to do a browser search to find it.)

Don't bury the lede, unless you mean to.

3) $4500. Are there 45 things that you wish to accomplish while there? If so, an easy-to-digest synopsis of each of the 45 would be great...and people could "sponsor" each one. If the fundage doesn't come in, those things go out of scope. Would be great to see the panorama of all the goals, and tie each one to a "real" patron who is sponsoring it from the blogosphere.

4) Not just a badge...highlight this in your feed. Come up with a one or two sentence snapshot, and include it in every post until you leave. Use the network!

my $0.02... -c

Evelyn Rodriguez

Wow! I've been bowled over the quality (and quantity of emails on this one). Thanks so much everyone. I'll be collating and putting out a post on the suggestions, probably 1-2X a week depending on quantity- esp taking them and making them applicable broadly to others doing grassroots marketing.

Donations are now up to $1147.22. (I have a few folks that don't like being conventional with round numbers!!).

Mike Rohde

Evelyn, if you'd like me to knock out a little Word of Blog banner, I'd love to help. Send me the text and any ideas you have and a deadline. :-)


Great idea to raise some money. i hope you are able to achieve your goal.

Evelyn Rodriguez

The fundraising total is at $1247.22 which is at about 1/4 of the goal. I got a strong lead for a sponsorship with a travel-related company that may be worth $1000. Keep your fingers crossed!! (And this has spurred many ideas on the sponsored blog front. I can write on anyone's corporate blog that ties into the trip. Don't know what sponsored blogging is? Check out:

for starters. Tons of other examples, too. I'll probably be writing a follow-on post. Thanks!

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