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Oct 28, 2005



I don't have a Wordpress invite, I'm afraid, but provide free hosted Wordpress blogs, if that's of any help?


Have you read Writing aS a Way of Healing by Louise De Salvo? Not at home so title from memory - its very good.

Roxanna McNeil, MA., LPCC.

I am in my 7th year Clinical PhD. Program through Fielding University in Santa Barbara, California. I live, however, in New Mexico. I am just beginning to formulate my dissertation topic regarding PTSD symptoms and health. I also teach at the University of New Mexico and ran across Pennebaker, Barger, and Tiebout in the textbook I am using to teach psychology regarding health, stress, and trauma. I looked up their website and found you as well. I am wondering if, by chance, you have a wonderful dissertation topic of interest that you don't have time to research or would like some research assistance with? I am very interested in pursuing this topic, but feel overwhelmed by the various projects already done. I admit, a little bored with some of them as well. I also dance and feel that ANY kind of expression (drawing, talking, dancing, singing, writing) will most definitely have a more positive affect than internalizing the trauma. Feedback? Thank You!

Leighton Meester

This theme has interested me! I've keep reading that southern gentility and politeless halt many Katrina victims from seeking emotional support and professional help.

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