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Oct 05, 2005


Niti Bhan

Build the empire and have an exit strategy, call me to the Yacht under the southern french sun. :)

see this

Evelyn Rodriguez

No exit strategy in my plans - it's kind of why doesn't Craig Newmark cash in? I'm joking about the media empire, but I'm not joking about the barrier to entry is not in the technology, or even capital it seems when you have free tool like Ning and Wordpress and many more.

Niti Bhan

Valid points both. I was being more than a little flippant in my previous comment, but you bring up an valid point with Craig's example. Though I wonder how much of his approach to CL is due to the rumors we've heard that he's already made his pile, and CL is just his "self actualization" retirement hobby ?

As for barriers to entry, Ning, seems to be a precursor for something I don't have all the words to articulate yet, but on the topic of "AI and IA" as per the AC2005 theme. That is, technology will assist and amplify human intelligence, like water level rising.

Tom Asacker

I LOVE it! Wasn't it the tech folks who were slamming advertising as manipulative b.s.? "The marketplace is a conversation. Keep you crap out of our dialogue." Ha!

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