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Oct 04, 2005



Wow, I never thought about it this way! Thanks!

Eric Rice

Why do I have a sneaky feeling that Web 3.0 is a mesh of the old way + the new way + a little ubiquitous presence in the offline world?

Doesn't web 2.0 just pour a ton of fuel into the firepits of those making 1.0 content? "Thanks for doing all the work!"

What happens when Web 1.0 companies *create* Web 2.0 architecture?

It's evil in theory, and we can certainly operate under and independent of that radar, but still.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Irina. Good thoughts Eric. I'm just musing. I don't have a Web 2.0 idea myself. Not even sure if it's Web 3.0 either. But the aspect where you engage others' passions is very intriguing. For instance, your station builds on the passion that drives independent bands. You're not trying to produce all the content yourselves like many webzines, portals, etc. did circa 1998.

I really think Web 1.0 - I lived through it you probably did too - was about throwing servers and bodies and cash and press releases and strategic alliances and foosball tables at problems rather than being being inventive with business models, etc.

Alex Osterwalder

I'd propose that all the new entreprneneurs and web2.0 "followers" perform a simple "web2.0 business model health check" ;-)

Cheers from a "springly" Lausanne, Switzerland, Alex

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