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Oct 17, 2005



Hi Evelyn,

Come on up to Seattle and I'll introduce you to some people with a conversation that will bend your mind a bit. They might not have heard of cluetrain, but they're smart folks, and they'll talk to whomever will talk.

I'm very aware of the fact that I'm far from being a poster child for the educational institution that spawned me, yet I try to live that education every day. Funny how the paths we go down lead us to the strangest of places...

Adrian Savage

I think what you're pointing to is the way we all assume our personal values are right -- unquestionably so. That makes anyone with different values "wrong." So we try to point out their error. When they fail to respond with suitable humility, we go on the offensive and attempt to push them into line.

I wish people would become more aware of their values as ways of thinking they've learned and can change. No one's values are automatically right or wrong, any more than it's wrong for someone to speak French rather than English. You aren't right about everything because you're religious. I'm not wrong because I'm not. Just as with a spoken language, the values we use affect the way we think and express ourselves. Nothing more.

I'm not a marketer and wouldn't presume to judge the values marketers use (besides, they'll all be different). So why judge all marketers on that basis?

But then...tolerance is also a value. It just seems to be one few people are using right now.

Evelyn Rodriguez

To all, I believe Dave & Niti are talking offline - which is always a better place to have these 'conversations'.

Tony, I'll take you up on your offer next time I am in Seattle. Fine, by me if they are not on the cluetrain!

Adrian, Yes, you're right, it's about values. I guess that's what my essay is on: value-memes. It's hard to explain, but I'm working being free from the prison of labels, boxes, containers, beliefs, etc. In that freedom, that consciousness as Rumi says no one else is made wrong, and there is no one else either. Just One.

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