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Oct 04, 2005



Although it's a really good quote, I disagree with his thoughts on neuroscience. In fact, I think that field will grow only more important, not less in the nearest future. There's still much to be discovered...

Evelyn Rodriguez

David meant that neuroscience held no more attraction for him, personally. Not that it wasn't important of itself. It's about following what is now unfurling for you regardless of what you were doing before.

I spent about 10 years in the computer graphics field - and then one day I left and went to the Internet industry. And then I just dropped hands-on technology work (i.e. building digital boards, VLSI chips, software programming) altogether. I guess my right brain and feelings and interpersonal and heart-centered activity were now wanting a chance to be explored. Anyway, it's growing wherever your inner voice leads you.

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