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Oct 11, 2005



Wonderful quotation on the true and the christian. My literature professor in college had a similar saying, he'd say "if it's true it's Christian". The implied challenge upon us was to grapple spiritually with truth in our reading of literature.


I'm thinking about your post... I am not sure I *want* to be in a state of bliss all the time!

And I love that Rumi quotation!


Wow, beautiful post. Came to me just at the right time, too. I need to copy that Rumi quote.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks, Tony, Irina, Kamal.

Good catch Irina. I think the word bliss conjures up a dreamy hazy (but pleasant) state of mind. I think it's just a matter of words. But this is a constant presence that's alert, energized, gentle, comforting, solid, silent, still, profound, deep, lighthearted, and intensely powerful.

My teacher says don't hang out too long in the bliss realm - it's just beginning. Addiction to 'Heaven' is still an addiction and he's pointing us to total freedom.


Whenever I'm asked about my faith I explain it all seems like a very natural progression - Church of England - Jedi - Buddhist - Taoist...


Whenever I'm asked about my faith I explain it all seems like a very natural progression - Church of England - Jedi - Buddhist - Taoist...


hi, i am sort of puzzled and amazed with all this spiritually looking activity. this is not in regards to any certain posting, on the contrary, as i say i am amazed.

just tell me, and i dont mean to question any experience that you are having but let me ask this - have you ever wondered how much of it is a trend ? and then i wonder how well can one's mind elude to the seeing or feeling what others seem to?

is this a global phenomena or is it just in the west ? well, it is certainly thrilling - thanks for this service - and bless

Evelyn Rodriguez

No trend per se but if it seems like more people are having "experiences", it's only because there is only one Self. This isn't about experiences, as experiences are ephemeral and fleeting, it's about getting to essence of what we ARE.

I doubt it is just Western phenomena - perhaps its that Westerners are more apt to attempt to talk about something unnameable because of our inclinations (as Lao-tzu says, Those who talk do not know). For many years, Westerners sought out Indian teachers in India. But the words of the Upanishads only make "sense" in the present and when we look at that which is always without thinking it into existence.

I think perhaps more people are in contact with the concept that it's not a future state to be attained, and it's what's now and always now. That alone is a huge clue.

Bishop Halloway says, "There does seem to be the sense that this is happening to a lot of people. I think they're discovering that the prison door was never actually locked. I don't quite know what it is that made them get up and push it, and see it swinging open and discover that all the prison guards had disappeared." (from book, The Translucent Revolution)


Yes - i have got the book alright and while reading i remember myself saying most of these things as well and using the same words from possibly the same state. in great part i loved the book and i happen to love Arjuna Ardagh. as being in the most fragile state for years, i can appreciate him for not being aggressive in anyway but cooperative.
and in my mind, as i see it, it is the communicating of these materials or as you say it communicating what we ARE that transmits this to so many people more.
still, while i travel in other than California and North Europe, i hardly find the same level of communication and the commitment - not with the masses - not yet !

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