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Oct 03, 2005



I'd love to participate in your survey! I absolutely agree that consumption is only a sign of self-actualization rather than a cause or an effect, and not a necessary or sufficient sign at that!

Jory Des Jardins

Sign me up too! Two percent seems awfully low! Paul Ray's Cultural Creatives, strike me as self-actualizing. Some stats on this group:

This group is estimated to be comprised of more than 50 million Americans (Carnegie Mellon University professor Richard Florida gauges that number to more than 30% of the American workforce -- some 38 million people -- including artists, scientists, architects, designers, musicians, and the like) . This group is influencing a fundamental shift in values, attitudes, and subsequently, the economy. They are defined by Ray and Anderson as not being New Agers or liberals. Though many of them are baby boomers, age is not a defining factor. They encompass several generations and share numerous personal values, including:
 ecologically sustainable products and services, and concern for the whole planet;
 authenticity—personally, at work, in business and in politics;
 emphasis on the importance of bringing women's issues into public life.
 big-picture perspective in the media, including first-person stories and good news, too;
 infusing spirituality into American life

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Irina, The survey will be up for all to participate...

First, I'm looking for help with shaping the questions within the survey. I'd be happy to share the results with anyone putting in that effort.

Jory, familiar with Ray's work, yet I'm not sure all of the Cultural Creatives map right into self-actualization & transcendence levels of Maslow's pyramid.

And then within those, you can breakdown further. For instance, Ray says that there are sixty million Cultural Creatives within US. Of those he estimates 1/3, or 20M, are "in the process of awakening" [moving towards transcendence]. Fewer than 2M live in what he calls "significantly reduced-egoic access to the divine or no-self," which Arjuna Ardagh's book terms "translucent." Ardagh says that writer and teacher Satyam Nadeem feels these estimates are low because we tend to have "ideas about what kinds of people would qualify and tend to look to people with a similar background and belief as our own." Nadeem estimates 50M translucents worldwide.


The last big self actualization purchase I made was the money I spent incorporating my own business.

I'd like to help out, though I'm not sure what I can do.

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