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Oct 19, 2005


Jay Sennett

I woke up thinking about your yesterday's post.

What I want to say is:

People are cynical, I think. In our post tobacco, enron, world com, and current wal-mart, nike, coffee corps, etc, it is easy I think to feel cynical about business.

Making claims that business has no soul and then resigning from participating in the solution isn't an answer, I think.

And I don't even think it is very cool.

In our luxury and proliferation of options, many Americans have confused what is with what might be.

And, more importantly, we believe that we no longer have any power to change things.

If business has no soul (and I disagree with this opinion) how much have american citizens contributed to this state of affairs?

The statement itself suggests a kind of giving away of power to forces outside of ourselves.

We have, at this time in history, a great need to tell ourselves we are victims. Since we're the wealthiest nation in the world, we can't really claim we're under the thumb of despotic regime.

So marketing and business gets blamed. "They sell us nothing but crap." "The stuff they sell to kids these days." Easy. And trite too.

A lot easier than turning off the television, living with a smallfootprint on the earth, spending our money with compassion and creating businesses where the primary mission is to enhance the well-being of others.

For whatever it is worth, it is because of you and Hugh at gapingvoid that I've reassessed my life's work and decided to start a business, a microbrand publishing company where customers have input throughout and in an ongoing manner. a business, too, that will, gasp, rely on marketing...

Finding good and compassion in the world, and holding people accountable, is much harder work than sitting on my arse complaining about how bad business and marketers are.

Take heart! You're touching raw nerves and showing us the true nature of our difficulties...a very bodhisattva thing to do, btw ;-)

yours in the work.

Sensei Myriam

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart.

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