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Sep 02, 2005


Alan Gutierrez

Thank so much you Evelyn.

The Katrina Survivor Directory is growing.

Dan Chaney, and Matthew Mccoy, amazing programmers, who I didn't know before yesterday.

We've now created RSS feeds of the forums. Folks, these forums are better than CNN. Oh, so much better than CNN.
Add them to your feed reader.

The work of Jeff Rafter. Soon, we'll be turing these feeds directly into Wiki markup for classification.

The Wiki project took a day off, more or less, to enlist the support of some of the Ann Arbor's local Information Architecture experts. I'm now supported by Ed Vielmetti and Lou Rosenfeld, who are providing me with excellent insight, and resources. I'm going to try to enlist all the support of the good people of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I'll keep you informed. Thank you.

Alan Gutierrez


I'm learning so much about the Wiki, social networking, and The City of New Orleans.

There is a lot of good news to be found. A lot of simple ways to help.

I'm blogging again, so I can call attention to our projects and progress. Hope you'll keep track, because I'll be drawing attention to the success stories in rebuilding.

There is so much for us to get together and discuss in a months time. All the efforts, what worked, what didn't. What we wish we had.

Well, stopping by to say hello, and thank you for linking early. It did help.

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