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Sep 02, 2005


Shawn Lea

For everyone who donates time, money or blood, I will write a poem in your honor (and the organization you chose to support). I am collecting the albeit bad poetry I will write and some better specimens about hurricanes at I am hoping to stifle all of the bickering with screams of poetry.

Search Engine

I have made a customized EMERGENCY type search engine that links only to crisis situation type websites (like relief aide, evacuation planning layouts, crisis management setup and others relating to disasters caused by terrorism, natural disasters, poverty, disease and man-made war), see ... This niche portal was made after the Katrina devastation and hopefully it will assist humanity in/during the next disasterous crisis...

My first ever nonprofit humanitarian project was which only covers resources for those living homeless (I had suffered homelessness a few times as a youth). I will try to come up with other helping humanity type portals as I can afford too...


I was just going to tell you I found this great place to design your own christmas cards. They are normaly like $20 but free on this link. I know people that have recently gone through a disaster have nothing and nothing to look forward to so this might just cheer them up.

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