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Sep 21, 2005


Jay Sennett

Hi Evelyn,

When you ask for resources, do mean beyond the Tao De Ching and the like?

If so, I have always found Zen Flesh, Zen Bones a good place to ponder nondualism.

I'm thinking Alan Watts, though no titles leap to mind.

And Donna Haraway (Prof at Santa Cruz) wrote her Cyborg Manifesto (I can send you the link or just google Haraway and Cyborg Manifesto) several years ago, in part, I think, as a way to address feminist and socialist tendencies to describe totalizing theories that are largely fictional creations.

Yoga and meditation, of course.

Massive Change by Bruce Mau is another useful tool for me.

And the Christian Desert Fathers and Mothers.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

Yours in the work.

Chris McMahon

We prefer to be refered to as Pastafarians

Christopher Carfi

Chris McM beat me to it ... _Pastafarianism_ it is.


Tom Asacker

Chris and Christopher. Thanks guys. You friggin' crack me up!!!

P.S. My most profound change (in worldview) came to me - believe it or not - in High School (please . . . no juvenile jokes.) ;-)My literature professor handed me his copy of Alan Watts "The Book." Profound. And WAY ahead of his time.

I've tried to introduce these "concepts" to the world of business and work through some of my past writing (e.g. Sandbox Wisdom and The Four Sides of Sandbox Wisdom). Alas, the business world is grounded in dualism and impressed with peudoscience. Too bad. HA!

Dr. Waheguru Khalsa

A bookstore here in Los Angeles called the Bodhi Tree (open in 1969) is full to the brim with spiritual, astrology, healing titles. I go there once in a while. I pick up a book that is talks with Sri Nisargadatta (?), thumbing through it, putting it down. At the time I did not know who he was & the book made no sense. 3 years later in the same store I see it again, I Am That, sitting there. Opening it, I read this passage:

"To me nothing ever happens. There is something changeless, motionless, immovable, rock-like, unassailable; a solid mass of pure being-consciousness-bliss. I am never out of it. Nothing can take me out of it, no torture, no calamity."

I know I have to read this book. I recommend
it now as a place to start in understanding nondualism.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Jay - yes exactly. The Tao De Ching did not make sense to me for a long, long time. An old boyfriend once gave me the Tao of Pooh and I was totally baffled by it. In looking for "beginning" stuff, I remember long ago a comic book - yes, a comic book! - on Zen that helped me a lot called Zen Speaks : Shouts of Nothingness. Zen Flesh, Zen Bones was also an early read - great reminder!

Chris & Chris...Didn't know they were known as Pastafarians! This is too funny. I think the nondualists and Pastafarians might have much in least in terms of having a sense of humor. I used to think this was very serious stuff, you know. But having of late met nondualist teachers that are very joyful and very funny, it's really been "enlightening."

And look at the rich mythological lore of the Pastafarians! ...
"According to the pastafarians, the monster created the world starting with a mountain, trees and a midget and continues to guide human affairs with his "noodly appendage." Heaven is depicted as having a stripper factory and a beer volcano. Their prayers to "Him" are typically ended by "Ramen", instead of "Amen"."

Tom, I think that perhaps the business world is asking more questions than ever before about meaning, purpose, fulfilment, truth, creativity,... For instance, I was shocked and pleased when Randy Komisar, whom is Buddhist, joined the most "prestigious" venture capital firm here in Silicon Valley.

Thank you Dr. Khalsa. I have heard so much of this teacher and that is definitely a very profound quote that gets to the essence of nondualism. He is also in my reading list.

I think No Boundary by Ken Wilber if you tend to be scientific/intellectual is a good start; engineers seem to resonate with Wilber more. Also Pointing to the Moon by Osho might be accessible for those new to non-dualism. Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi is more advanced and highly recommended. I'll keep thinking of more....

As far as a teacher alive today, I recommend Adyashanti.

Thanks all!!

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