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Aug 26, 2005


Roland Tanglao

i can't wait to hear what your "one remarkable idea" is! I am sure it will be cool. Congrats on your latest epiphany!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Roland. The idea is fairly simple - like I said right underneath my nose. But I was busy following the herd rather than the beat of my own drummer!

Ajay Juneja

Always listen to your own drum, it often guides you to the path less traveled!


This would have been a nice blog to find and hypothosize with when I was angsting about my own career and life choices some time ago. (Sadly, pre-blogs.) Ultimately, the simplest advice seems the best: follow your bliss.


Nancy White

Evelyn, the last link to your blog coach offering is misformed. You may want to fix it for those who are hankerin to follow it! :-)

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