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Aug 11, 2005



Terrific post.

I don't do this meditation often enough, but what I am doing in my business comes directly from this type of reflection.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks. People must believe we are morbidly depressing. Nothing focuses you more than not taking life for granted. And having met you, you truly have a joie de vivre!

Robert Paterson

Dear Evelyn
Death moved into my life in a more concsious way over the last 3 years. Robin, my wife has breast cancer and Hope my daughter was missing for 8 days after the Tsunami(she was not on the bech as I had feared but in an isolated village in Laos)

My paradox is that his closeness has made my life more wonderful and above all free. For all my adult life I have had an interest in the ideas behind Buddhism - that life is an illusion. But experiencing its fragility and the certainty that death is indeed the ned of all I know and love has taken this idea and made it manifest in my soul.

The great joy is the reduction of fear and hence the opening to wonder and adventure.

Thank you for this post
Yours Rob

Mark Figart

Great thoughts, Evelyn... concepts that are so easily lost track of in the day-to-day so-called "struggles" of life. This helps me understand (again) that the butterflies in my stomach are a GOOD thing... they mean I'm stretching, that I'm operating outside of my comfort zone. How lame if we all just sat around feeling "comfortable" all the time!


well i am rendered speechless


if it was may last day of my life and i knew
which day is that, i try to opligize every body ! and also i speak with my mother and i want her to forgive me .


I really enjoyed reading this. I am a young person that has been through so much in my past. Still I hold on to living every day like it's your last. I am a writer and I have been all of my life. I am working on a book now and I too have a list.People miss the smaller and the more greater things in life and it's a shame that they do. But you also show truth too and I thank you for that. It really is a wonderful post. I will be looking up that death meditation.

Peace and blessed be.

Richard de Vecchis

Does the Andid International Diamond Corporation even exist? I like the book but I'm questioning whether the author's story is true or not. Can't find anything on Google about this company. If it's fiction then the teachings would still be valuable.

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