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Aug 03, 2005


DL Byron

Good to hear you're coming. It's going to be a great event.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Of course I'm coming, I'm speaking.

Monitoring and tracking mentions of your business and organization includes reading the post - before you respond.

steven streight aka vaspers the grate

I completely bailed out of the MSM in the 1970s, and have never returned.

The vast majority (but not all) of the MSM mainstream/morbid stream media is so incredibly full of LIES it's not funny.

Almost everything you see on television news is a distortion.

For a quick example, most MSM journalists hang around the safe spots of Iraq and do not venture out to where hospitals, schools, and churches are up and running. The idiots just report on bad news, and how many US soldiers died today, which is insignificant compared to highway deaths, teen suicides, and of course Iraqi civilian deaths.

I hate just about all MSM journalists and if they all got massacred tomorrow, I'd have to suppress my joy and delight...due to how they deceive and exploit.

I don't want any living beings to die, but liars are useless.

CNN, on the morning of the Iraq elections, showed deceptive programming. They showed Iraqis mourning and wailing over their dead...of quite a while ago...but viewers may have easily thought it was breaking news.

Very evil and deceptive.

I get most of my news from online sources, it is, like you say, way more current.

I watch tv news for a joke or entertainment, not serious coverage of anything.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks for your two cents on why you don't read print/TV. And that's why I wrote a post about Steven Vincent. He was in the red zone in Iraq. He was an atypical journalist.

Re: my previous comment above. Two suggestions for corporations & organizations responding to company/product/employee mentions:

1) It's detrimental to respond to posts you haven't read. Too easy to put foot in your mouth and come across as simply pushing your own agenda. People want to be heard, not tracked. In fact, this post didn't require a response from the conference organizers at all. Enough said.

2) If someone says something that draws your ire, take a 10-second cool-off period. OK, some of us need 10 minutes. I should not have responded in the manner I did, although my point was valid, tone matters.

One thing I do love about the blogosphere is it's OK to be human. OK to make mistakes. There is an implicit acknowledgment that we're not perfect. And that paradoxically endears other people to me.

"A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying... that he is wiser today than yesterday." - Jonathan Swift

Here's a revelant post: "We Lived in a World of Cultured Messages":

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