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Aug 16, 2005


Kevin D. Keck

Heh, when I lived in West Oakland I once made the rather ill-advised decision to go for a walk around my block at 2: or 3:00am one weeknight. As I'm walking along suddenly two cars come racing around a corner, one behind the other, both stop in the street about 5-10 yards in front of me, and start exchanging gunfire. Just handguns, so it's just a few shots, and then they quickly took off again. As they rounded another corner I realized I should have hit the deck, or at least ducked, when the first shot went off, rather than just standing there watching the whole thing happen right in front of me. I don't think I even took my hands out of my pockets.

Clearly, your story shouldn't make you feel *that* stupid.

Lisa Haneberg


You sure do know how to tell a story. The book sounds great, I will look it up.

Whether we know it our not, I would guess that most of us are faced with these moments of truth all the time. We might be oblivious to the obvious, but life and death (literal or figurative) stuff might be staring us in the face. Perhaps not as easy to recognize at a cougar's eyes or millions in diamonds.

Perhaps the nuance is in choosing what gets the panic/extreme reaction and what does not......Maybe we are underreacting to some things too.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Oops, I may re-publish as I messed up the title of this post.

Thanks, Kevin for sharing. In retrospect, I felt guilty/stupid because I didn't have a 'typical' reaction. But at same time, who is to say that I had the 'wrong' reaction, either. A display of fear is dangerous in many situations. Ultimately, I am glad I've seen cougars in the wild.

Lisa, thanks. I think what Roach is getting at is that we can consciously respond rather than typically react. And we can note that what we consider a 'good' situation another person might consider 'bad' and vice versa. I agree that we can underreact, or maybe better put under-respond perceiving we are in a 'good' situation or 'good enough' situation (and merely being complacent).

That's why I find it really important to read widely, be exposed to diverse people, etc. Sometimes companies with long-term employees all start thinking and perceiving the same and not realize that there are many POSSIBLE responses and solutions.


I love the way you wove this post together. I'll definitely check out the book.

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