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Aug 18, 2005


Janet Johnson

Thank you so much for posting your talking points - while sitting in the audience as you were talking, I knew I wanted to hear it all again. - Cheers!


Evelyn - Wish I could have been front and center...much appreciate you posting your notes and slides.

Thanks for the inclusion of GourmetStation's blog in your talk. As a side note to the story - yes we were caught up in some passionate debates and a couple of duals. There might not have been anywhere to hide, however, we found support from bloggers who agreed with our strategy. Although we might have entered the marketplace alone we soon found other "ladies and knights" who took up the cause with us. Great example of several different levels of social networking.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Janet. It was great catching up with you at the conference too.

Toby, thanks for listening. I didn't have much time to present and didn't mention specifics of Gourmet Station's "controversy" (readers get bonus of hyperlinks). What I wanted to emphasize is that a business' first instinct will be "it'll blow over." We're not used to two-way communication media. It's been print, broadcast for a long long time. But it was YOU - with your experience of blogging and its social dynamics - that explained to them, We have to listen and we have to respond right now. Thanks!

Yvonne DiVita

Evelyn, this is marvelous. It shows the energetic nature of blogging, and the intimacy. Was just talking about the intimacy of blogs this morning, with a prospect. We were sharing stories about our use of technology and how the world of community building ala blogs seems so sterile and off-putting at first, then... when one gets into it, it becomes intimate. Almost like writing letters to friends.

Speaking of letters, and blogging, that reminds me of a new client who 'gets it' but doesn't get it -- she has a blog which is about her book, a book about writing letters (daughters to Moms) but doesn't have a clue about how to utilize the blog to build that conversation, start a community, become intimate with her readers.

We're going to work on that. I may have to ask her here, to read your post. This is just so outstanding, as are all of your writings. Thank you for sharing. In true blog fashion, of course.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Yvonne. The intimacy part is the hidden aspect of blogging that isn't evident until you do it yourself. On the other hand, I am finding that as my blog readership has grown I am losing that intimate feel. It's hard to be intimate with hundreds of your closest friends. It's a problem I am mulling over for myself.

As to your friend, I think you start with Google. And in her space check out Julie Leung, Heather Armstrong - both interesting moms. Look at their blogrolls, perhaps look at who reads them in bloglines. She'll be charting somewhat new territory, but there is a tight-knit community of moms who blog.


Excellent read ! Well done..


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