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Jul 26, 2005


Tom Asacker

Very interesting, but not new. Milton Erickson wrote: "Change will lead to insight far more often than insight will lead to change." Ask any physician or pychotherapist which comes first. ;)

Evelyn Rodriguez

Not new. The entire interview was intriguing, and worthwhile enough that I will check out Lakoff's book.

If you look at Seth's new book, All Marketers Are Liars, that's what he is saying: speak within confines of the frames & metaphors of your target market. But I'm saying something different: sometimes depending on what you are trying to do you need to develop a new language, as Lakoff suggests.

Quite a lot hinged on the model biz blog I'm working on having a theme of inner and outer journeys and pilgrimages. But my intent is greater than signing up travel advertisers. Unfortunately, journey is absolutely the wrong metaphor. I need a new metaphor, a new language. Lakoff helped me see that.

Tom Asacker

Then start with Metaphors We Live By. And please remember this sage piece of advice from Jim Autry, Retired CEO of MEredith Corp.: "Becoming a manager has much to do with learning the metaphors; becoming a good manager has much to do with using the metaphors; and becoming a leader has much to do with changing the metaphors." Good luck.

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