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Jul 01, 2005



What a great post. I'm not a great write by any means but I try my best. One of the things I always struggle with is not to spell everything out as if the reader didn't know anything. It's insulting not to mention pedantic to go on and on about the simplest things.


Even if you feel your writing is "bloated" as viewed through a Zen aesthetic, what I love about your blog is that your posts lead me to question things for myself. If we're truly LISTENING (so very hard to do even with OURSELVES!) we can hear beyond repetitition or redundancy for the kernel of wisdom being shared. I guess sometimes I like my kernels condensed...and sometimes I like them blowsy and overblown. Sometimes the 'fun' is in cutting through the viny verbal jungle to get to the place where I feel that jolt when I've struck gold (either internally or externally-generated). I'm willing to wade through some excess words to get there. (I'm speaking about my own writing in that sense...yours is always really quite clear.)

Troy Worman

Writing is like anything else. You must practice writing to be a good writer. Evelyn Rodriguez is a good writer. Crossroads Dispatches is one of the more well written weblogs that I read. I love it as it is, but I commend Evelyn for her dedication to the craft.

I am not disciplined enough to audition each word, but I think an exercise in simplicity or simplification or simply deflowering one's writing from time to time is a fine idea.

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