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Jul 06, 2005


John Cass


Great post, thanks for the mention.

Just a note you state that Jeff changed his post, I don't believe he did. If you mean that he did not initially mention that he had not been to the site. I checked his site on the day the article came out and he did mention he had not been to the site. Or did you mean something else?

as for ideas for promoting dot flowers, I think competitions are a great idea. I would have hired


Evelyn Rodriguez

John, Thanks, I think you did a superb job engaging in conversation with USWeb. Most blogs I Technorati'ed only pointed to the Boston Globe story and then gave their opinion without even checking out Jeff's blog!!

It was a bit buried, but I also reference Steve Garfield's post which was very informative too, see:

Steve basically had a conversation with Jeff Cutler himself via email. Cutler edited the April 8th post he says when the story came out. He says:

"I have updated my blog so there is no future misinterpretation, but Jenn Ableson got it right when she compiled the facts."

Jeff Cutler

At the risk of starting another firestorm - or perhaps it's a storm merely the strength of a struggling match - I wanted to comment on my situation.
As Evelyn says correctly, I did change my blog the moment I found out what Jenn had written in the Boston Globe. My mistakes, as written in subsequent blogs on my site - - and in my comments to Jenn and Steve, were that I didn't know that blogs had such power AND I fooled myself into thinking Jenn wasn't out to write a stimulating piece, but only was covering me because we once worked together.
OHHHH?? They worked together. Well, we worked the same beat for local papers - not really competing as one is an afternoon paper and one is a weekly. But she and I would cover meetings in Hingham and would chat occasionally during dull spots.
I've been practicing journalism, PR, advertising, marketing and other forms of paid writing since 1986. I did the first blogs as a whim and to see if anything would come of it.
Well, I still have USWeb as a client and have almost more work than I can handle. I also have other clients as a result of Jenn's story and as a result of the publicity generated on other blogs about the issue.
AND, I've landed a print column with the Herald's chain of papers - please read some recent ones they haven't archived yet by searching for "Jeff Cutler" on
Back when I wrote my first book - Mountain Bike America: Boston - I thought my 15 minutes had come and gone on a superior guide book for mountain bikers. It seems that I was wrong and I might have just experienced a few minutes there and now am experiencing a few minutes here.
If you've got questions, ask them of me directly. As you should know if you've done your research, my site is the FIRST listing on Google, so I'm not that hard to find.

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