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Jun 22, 2005


hugh macleod

Thanks for the kind words re. English Cut =)

I think the good brands (Starbucks etc) work because they are about something BIGGER tan themselves.

Everybody wants to be part of something. Everybody wants to be able say "I was there".

Give them the chance to say that, even at the $3-coffee level, and, like the movie says, they will come.

Mark Earls talks quite eloquently about this in his "Bananas... and the death of marketing" book.

brian moffatt

Branding is an invitation at best, a kind of demand at worst.

Open ends and implication. Engagement. Good stuff.

I haven't gone through your whole barrel o' links, I just have to say I was amused by some of the comments at Grant's blog.

Very strange. I don't know you, yet I feel I do from reading your blog posts. I have some sense. I don't know Hugh at gapingvoid or Thomas at English Cut but I feel I know them, or recognize something in them or about them.

What is Steve Portigal missing?

He's running to the general as opposed to the particular. Aggregating, compiling, meta-synthesizing. Human interaction in a petri dish. I have to admit I find the sort of work he does to be fascinating. Digging in,'s the odd part...I don't think I would ever, ever, know who he is.

Distance guarantees his success, too, I'm sure.

So it's not so much what he is mising I guess, as what I am missing, and what I am missing is this: in reading his story he is leaving nothing out. His story is a closed circle, with definite conclusions, drawn from the explicit.

This fascinates me no end. I have two family members - one a psychiatrist, the other a market researcher - who are without a doubt two of the worst listeners I know.

You'd think...huh?

I guess some people just like to sit back and watch tango competitions, the rhythmn never swaying them much, the urge to get up and dance simply absent.

You throw a party, there's no guarantee it's going to be a bustup good time.

There's no "Must be there, so I can say I was there" It's all a big If. Throw it out there and see what sticks. That's soul. You got it or you don't.

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