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Jun 28, 2005


Stuart Maxwell

Evelyn -- As I was reading this, I was thinking of the story of the Bodhisattva. In Mahayana Buddhism, the Bodhisattva has achieved spiritual enlightenment, but refuses to enter nirvana, choosing instead to stay on the earth and lead others to enlightenment. In the words of Joseph Campbell, the Bodhisattva chooses "joyful participation in the sorrows of the world."

For myself, I strive to live the life of the Bodhisattva. Those not seeking enlightenment are disengaged from themselves. Those who are Buddha are disengaged from the world. The Bodhisattva lives on earth, engages, suffers, struggles, loves, and thrives. This is a poignant act, and to my mind, a noble and compelling one. This reminds me of your own choice to stay in the world of business, to engage and understand it, and to try to make it better.

The Carp

Evelyn, this is a fantastic post that addresses what many of us are struggling to achieve. Vipassana meditation helps me to attain equanimity, and to loosen the bonds of attachments to things that prevent me from being my true self. Studying the internal martial arts brings me strength, confidence, and integration. I believe that Buddha nature is available to everybody in this life, and not just to monks. I'm a part of this world, and I don't want to retreat from it. Working in business gives me a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate that Buddha's teachings are there for everybody. I don't claim to be succeeding in this yet - but it's my aim. So I guess I'm just repeating what Stuart has already said better.

Also - thanks for the links. I've just had a long conversation, in which Steve Jobs' comment about the dots joining up was really useful for me in describing how my life has progressed so far.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Stu, It was great to meet you at Gnomedex (nice wrapup post, btw). Well, somehow I am not surprised from our conversation that you on the boddhisattva path yourself. You captured it very beautifully.

Carp, "Working in business gives me a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate that Buddha's teachings are there for everybody. I don't claim to be succeeding in this yet - but it's my aim."

Heh, I had to laugh. I don't claim to be succeeding either. I now acknowledge I am pulled by the aim of openheartedness, selflessness, grace in the same manner that authentiticy, integrity, purpose moved me along a few years ago into crossing over a whole new way of being in the world. We'll see where it leads....

Shelley Noble

Fantastic entry, quotes, and links, as per usual for you, Evelyn. Thank you. My husband and I hear you on the above and have ourselves been focused on the spiritual aspects foremost in our hearts and minds for many, many years as we function in the world. He could write to you more eloquently about this I'm sure but from my point of view, it is indeed possible to live in what matters while still fully participating in this life.

One thing that did the trick for me (us) was to drop our materialism, drop our consumerism, reduce our living expenses to our bottom. We now only spend on what matters and is valuable to us thus leaving us with the luxury of choosing to spend our time and energy involved with things that fit our values. It is working big time for us. Thank you again.

Jory Des Jardins


It was a pleasure getting to know you more on your blog. I've always enjoyed your stuff, but this post might be my favorite. What can I say, I love naked.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks everyone.

Shelley, Thanks, I was forced to learn this. And I found I "needed" and "wanted" couldn't be bought. I'm not sure you needed to read between the lines in this post: "Money isn't evil. It is nothing." That said, I'm trying not to be so attached to money that I run the other way or reject it(would mean I'm still driven by money). I receive everything Grace sends my way.

Thanks Jory. Funny, I write this after your successful BlogHerCon. I was trying to pull off a major tech conference - in 2002 (cringe) - that really got me into absurd debt, but I didn't want to declare bankruptcy. And I understand now what you mean by feeling 'humilated' (uh, in a good way) after 'naked' posts. This was hard but necessary to write.


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