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Jun 06, 2005


Tom Asacker

Welcome back. ;)


Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

"People haven't time to learn anything. They but things ready-made in stores. But since there are no stores where you can buy friends, people no longer have friends." (Saint-Exupery) You, Ms. Rodriguez, appear to be an enemy. I teach philosophy and literature at various schools here in the South, and one of my principal difficulties is instructing young minds to be mindful of people in marketing, for such souls buy and sell the anima and animus of our cultures as if we ourselves were mere commodities (thus the observation about friends). You, my dear, appear to have had some considerable teachers, for your metaphors are amazingly insightful -- I must say, "Bravo." A marketer with integrity though???? Possible? Well, the Frost was a bit forced, don't you think? So... I choose to conclude this epistle with a bit of a forced connection from Borges:
"No one should read self-pity or reproach
into this statement of the majesty
of God, who with such splendid irony
granted me books and blindness at one touch."
Keep watching, my dear, for the splendid ironies do seem to enjoy biting us in our collective arses.


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