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Jun 07, 2005


Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate

Welcome back from Silence Retreat of 8 Days.

Thanks for being a Compassionate Blogger who is concerned about the Path to the Extinguishing of Suffering, your bodhissatva orientation. Beautiful to see in a blog.

You may wish to see how I'm awkwardly attempting to blend mind science, buddhist sensibilities, Christian charity, and web usability into a unique form of Blogology.

See my new Blog Core Values blog. URL embedded in my name here. I think you already know it.

Blessings to all sentient beings and nonsentient entities.



Thank you for this, Evelyn.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Shel, You're welcome. I'm afraid it was a bit too little, too late however. But still perhaps it will serve to give "permission" and role models to other bloggers, PR, and communications professionals that it's more than O.K. to go ahead and stray off message rather than always insisting on "stay on message."

Steven, Yep, I know your blog values as they mirror my own as well as the ethos of the very first bloggers. Ah, you guessed my boddhisattva orientation. I believe that Truth is a pathless land as Krishnamurti did so my stance is also non-denominational. I also believe that all of us innately have Christ-nature or Buddha-nature within us however... thus I have difficulty reconciling that with the boddhisattva ideal of "awaking so that we may help all other sentient beings awake." In other words, I believe we are more than capable of helping ourselves if we allow ourselves to tune into the inner voice of our highest 'self.' For all of you really into this stuff, I'm currently reading Mother of All Buddhas by Lex H. (cannot remember last name) on the Buddhist texts about Prajnaparamita. Definition of Prajnaparamita is: the wisdom (prajna) that has reached (ita) the other shore (param) is the wisdom that leads to complete awakening. BTW I consider Jesus and Buddha to be the greatest teachers that ever lived and I try to read their direct texts rather than interpretations. Even better, though, I aim for direct experience because ultimately books fall short - very easy to fall prey to worshiping the finger that points to the moon rather than look up for yourself.

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