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May 20, 2005


Elisa Camahort

Evelyn: thanks so much for articulating our mission so well. We figure that for whatever reason women blog, they may all want to learn more about it, be exposed to others blogging about what they blog about...and to meet them face to face, which I am just old-school enough to still think is different than online communication. Education, Exposure and Community.

I always bring up Michele Agnew's blog as a blog that has this huge, active community associated with it, where Michele is almost like the ringleader or master of ceremonies. She doesn't blog for business; I'm not sure she even blogs for self-expression. She blogs because it's like throwing a big party every day for her (my interpretation of course.) Check her out:

We are just beginning to realize all the ways blogging can enrich our lives...personal and professional. I hope to get lots o new ideas from women nothing like me at BlogHer!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Elisa, Thanks for your comment. I'm totally stoked to meet people whom are blogging from all walks of life for all sorts of intentions at BlogHer. Self-expression angle is only one.

My MAIN point is I believe women tend towards the intrinsic motivation (unique to each) versus extrinsic rewards of blogging. I don't think the millions of women bloggers care one iota about making it onto Technorati 100. In fact, speaking for myself, I feel that it diverts me when I aim to please others, speak on "hot" subjects, and gain the "popular vote" rather than seeking to be true to myself and my voice.

Elisa Camahort

I know what you mean. I may care, but I have learned to discipline myself not to let it affect what I talk about. It's never as good when it does.

Jory Des Jardins

For the record, I blog because I can't imagine where else I can write what really matters to me. Sure, it's helped me build a writing platform for my book and magazine. But try pitching someone at a magazine a story about your insecurities, issues at work, etc. I imagine that I would get blown off, the editor's equivalent of saying who cares? To think that editors always know what matters is insane. Blogs put real life on the record; that in itself is worth something.

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