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May 19, 2005



Deisel lube (whatever that is), isn't inherently interesting. It's people that are inherently interesting. Kudos to the people who can find the soul under all that deisel lube!

Lisa Stone

One of the things I like so much about this post is the juxtaposition of the Christmas letter (the ultimate in "push" media) with sitting down with someone and listening to them -- in their element, in their way, at their pace. Thanks for helping remind me of that.

Since you value the art of listening, I have to recommend any/all books by one of my old professors, Gerald Zaltmann, who has built a huge career out of his preternatural listening skills. You've got a great match with his thoughts here -- by collecting data on truck drivers in the same place they experience and think about their work, authenticity's built in.

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