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May 31, 2005



Nice post! I had a similar experience when a person I respected greatly urged me to take a little spiritual time off every day. Now I take a short walk in the morning, and my well-being, family life, and work have all improved as a result, even though I'm now busier than ever!

Tom Asacker

"But Jesus, Buddha, and the Daila Lama didn't necessarily have to contend with ironing, cooking, paying bills, and raising kids on their path to enlightenment."

It's a choice.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks Tony. The paradox does seem to be that the busier we are the MORE we need to renew ourselves!

Tom, I agree. "Everyone" will tell you if you are "serious" that you need to ordain as a monk/nun, a reverend, etc. Often times people start on a spiritual path after they've already accepted responsiblities for a family.

It was thought impossible that women could be serious meditators and impossible that you didn't have to study in a monastery to become enlightened. Dipa Ma showed another path was possible. Long story cut short, after Dipa Ma's husband died she was in poor health. Thinking she might die anyway she gave her possessions and her young daughter to a neighbor and went to a meditation center expecting to stay. Things didn't turn out quite as she was expecting and she soon needed to return home. She persisted and found a teacher locally and she didn't shy away for long hours spent in practice. She integrated practice with her family life. It was a family that meditated together.

It doesn't have to be an either/or choice.

For myself personally, I don't feel called to be a reverend or nun although there are nudgings in that direction. It intuitively feels like my "ministry" is out in the layperson's world as a "bridge" between the worlds.


Howdy, a friend referred me to your blog and upon reading this: "there is essentially no difference between cultivating a clear mind and cultivating an open heart; they go hand in hand," I knew that this will be a blog I revisit again and again.

I look forward to reading the rest!

Take care,

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