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May 19, 2005



Right on! I have always loved Po Bronson's work, and that book in particular. I first discovered him by reading the Wired article that later expanded into "What Should I do with my Life." Its honesty and dry wit was a tonic to Wired's relentless optimism about technology and the market.


I had accompanied my wife to a gathering of people I knew nothing about and had 'nothing in common with' - or so I thought. Sitting in the living room reading Po Bronson's, "What Should I do with my Life" at least 3 people came up to me to say they had just finished the book and how much they loved it. This caused a general gathering of people writing down the name of the book and fostered a great deal of conversation with others as they gathered for the meeting.

This was NOT a gathering of ex-dot-com-ers, these were Po's "ordinaries", just like me. Never did I think I would feel good about wearing the "ordinary" title - it just fits.

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