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Apr 04, 2005


Alan Gutierrez


My blog doesn't have an RSS feed right yet, so you won't see the trackback, so I hope you don't mine that I point to my blog entry about this.

There is a lesson here for software.


It makes sense to me that we learn from our mistakes, at least I do, sometimes, when I know I made a mistake. Someone said that it's a shame so many people try for perfection all the time and miss out on learning from mistakes. Oops, I feel another mistake coming on, so I'll stop!


thank you Evelyn for the story about the pots which I'd read some time ago and forgotten about.

Jay Sennett

your story reminds of the advice I receive repeatedly from other writers.

Me: This (piece or My writing) sucks!
Them: Well, just keep writing...

As an example I've worked on one short story for more than nine months, accumulated fifteen drafts and now have a working structure, POV and style that works.



That's my reasoning for having a blog with a strict Monday-Friday daily posting schedule. It makes me write something every workday and, theoretically, prepares me to write more fluently on the job.

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