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Apr 05, 2005


Lisa Haneberg

Oh, Evelyn, sometimes you make my head hurt :-). I've never known anyone who put so much speed into her writing. It can't be read slow - it's moving, like a train - and you gotta jump on or get blown to the side. I'm quite sure I did not get your deeper points, but I did want to say that I love the idea to pitch a tea/blog/journey project. If you had a group of bloggers that agreed ahead of time to share your posts, that might help attract the involved parties. I would certainly volunteer to be a satellite (for you, for fun, and for my love of tea).

I'm more of a Republic of Tea girl, perhaps you could be their Minister of Tea Blog Heaven. Their white teas and jasmines are to die for. I also like the Stash Exotica line - Jasmine. And Peets Dragon Pearls. Tazo Lotus is unique. I'm not a purist like Moby, I like the essence of flavor in many of my teas. I also love herbal infusions (I make my own lavender, rose, camomile). Oops, sorry for the digression.

hugh macleod

Thanks for the linkluv, Darlin'...


There's a wee bit of writing about marketers appropriating "Zen" imagery in the Hughtrain.

Go to, then Contrl+F "Zen" and you should find it easily enough ;-)

Amit C

Thanks writing in advance about local events, I will be planning on attending the ZBA one.

This adds to the excellent books I have been introduced to, thanks to you. Clarity Quest in particular stands out in my mind and I plan to get to Vioce of Knowledge.

Best Regards

Jay Sennett

You write, "so I was thinking if you do it right, daring to live an authentic life is an extreme sport." This is an excellent point!

On the whole Zen/Branding thing...zen teachers tell me that we can say about zen is not zen at all..but simply fingers pointing at the moon...if that in the case of tazo...given the number of people/companies claiming to know how to brand/market suggests to me we are all making it up as we go along.

Thanks again.

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