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Apr 19, 2005



I'm glad you've decided to continue. after reading you for some time now, i've been looking at what's real, what's authentic, and re evaluating our public masks and personas, on one hand, thinking the way the publishers do, that is, don't display too much of the muck out there, and on the other hand, being made to think by your posts i.e. having the courage to be real.

The Carp

I'll second that: I also find what you write to be insightful and thought-provoking. Personally, I find it very difficult to write openly and honestly: the urge to self-censor, to not seem too 'out there' can be overwhelming. Your blog is inspirational in that regard. Also, you're writing about things that many of us are thinking about, or would like to think more about 'if only we had the time' - and doing it with a clarity of thought and language that provokes me, at least, to use it as a benchmark... Please, keep it up!


Dear Eve,

I read what I like. And I can't like one and read the other. What's amusing is most people like red, blue and black as 'their' colors. Red/Blue being representatives of what one yearns;the bright and the hope. Black the representative of one's truth. Sometimes secret. Sometimes locked

A book/lyric/play/movie appeals to one when one relates to it. When it's got the right balance of the red & the black. The virtues & the foibles. The ideal & the Real.

Watching one's own life each day is routine. But a kindred life sketched by another is seldom less absorbing. It's like watching oneself on celluloid or on papyrus. The joy of enjoying the same routine! Nothing compares.

Be Well. Think contrary.

Sarthak Brahma

Alan Gutierrez

Evelyn - You're doing nothing to cheapen yourself in your writing. It's your writing. I read your posts thoroughly. You write clearly. You write well. You talk about your life experience. It doesn't make you common. It doesn't make you uncommon. It means that your work is non-fiction.

It probably makes it easier for you to write, and makes the material more compelling. It's simple. You might make too much of it. I've yet to perceive any weakness, confusion, dishevelment. It could well be imagined.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Thanks, all. The temptation is always there to hold back. Letting down our guard is usually perceived as weakness. But I'm learning it's just another type of strength.

I've noticed people have a hard time being themselves - and I must say it's even harder being yourself on paper. So the practice comes in real life interactions - with what's in front of us - and then letting that practice seep into our writing.

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