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Apr 22, 2005



"Don't discount the power of a disciplined receptively still mind."

Ah...that's the crux of it, right? To pair beginner's mind with the discipline, experience and insight gained through experience. It's the paradox that makes Big Truth discernible and puts True Happiness within reach.

Often, when people begin acting, there is a rawness and eagerness that is unbelievably compelling. The problem is, it's like a wild horse--crazy-free and unreliable as it is energetic and beautiful.

The trick in acting (and everything, right?) is to stay connected to the wildness as we add skill, so that that energy can be used as needed.

Great post. I love it when you post the non-business-y stuff.

Jory Des Jardins

This has been a theme of sorts for me lately. I realize I live impulsively, reactively. A friend pointed out that it's a strength, because I'm always in action, but it's a weakness when I'm acting on something I haven't taken the time to discern as authentic or critical. This effort inspired my blog tagline: Thoughts While Sitting Still.

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