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Apr 06, 2005


Steve S

Evelyn, great posting.

I read Zen many years ago and have been meaning to get back to it. I recall that it helped form my thought at the time and I have been wondering what the years since would have done to its insights? Do they still stand up? Or will they wilt of old age? Or in the eye of the older wiser me be good only for those who are young and inexperienced?

After this, I am more inclined to take the book off the shelf and dig into it right away.

Thanks for the incentive!

Jay Sennett

Stuckness, or any uncomfortable feeling, is an opportunity for more inquiry...sometimes lengthy inquiry...and always breathing.

kind regards and thank you for your hard work


Famous quote by the eminent physicist Niels Bohr:

"How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress."

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