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Apr 01, 2005



you've made an extremely powerful statement here and with respect to your previous post, where you say "I'd rather be real than great"; I'd like to share with you that Mahatma comes from Maha = Great and Atma = Soul. When you're truly real, you're Great and vice versa. Thank you for your conversations on this topic. You've given me much to think about, especially on being authentic.


>>I don't have a "proper" response at this moment - only this improper post right now.

But the "improper" response is precisely the "proper" one. Bless you for puttin' it out there, sister.

>>I'll simply share snippets of something relevant that caught my attention yesterday. And I'm still digesting myself. Much of it speaks for itself without my elaboration if you read S-L-O-W-L-Y. Not exactly ideal sound bites for the blog format.

Again, who's to say? Sometimes mess is just the ticket...

Alan Gutierrez


I agree with Colleen.

Don't worry about the format of your blog. You write well. You are fun to read.

Write in the format that suits you best, and the blog sphere, Google, will route your message to the interested readers. That's my take at least. I'm not going to concern myself with whether I sound professional or intelligent. Rather, I'm going to record my ideas as best I can so that like minds can readily identify a like mind.



Hi Evelyn,

You wrote "My curiosity peaked, I just had to open it to my birthday."

Did you mean piqued? Was your curiosity challenged or did your curiosity reach it's peak? (grin)

Jack Livingston

As a martial artist, I've given much thought to the state of proper martial art. Martial movement is kinetic (hence improper), not because it moves, but because the improper artist's ego is trying to push a point or impress or control another (to move them). Proper martial movement happens when the form stands alone, the artist being "transparent to transcendence" (a term used by Joseph Campbell) because of his or her internal stillness (stasis).


As someone that did their thesis on the secular sublime using Joyce's aesthetics from Portrait as an example, and who is currently working in marketing and public affairs I found your post rather interesting.

One thing you might want to consider is that the sublime isn't necessarily about annihlating the ego as you attribute to James. Rather, the Kantian sublime has it that the importance of the sublime is twofold: the overwhelming aspect and, perhaps more importantly, that this is followed by an affirmation of the human consiousness over the unthinking universe that beholds it.

Joyce's brilliance lies in the fact that he can illicit the sublime response through using a classical structure rather than a romantic one (romanticism traditionally being seen as the progenitor of the sublime). We are drawn into wonder through the intellect (static). What attracts or repulses us by desire or loathing (kinetic) cannot illicit this wonder - it is simply, for Joyce, instinctual, like the closing of an eyelid when a fly lands upon it.

The sublime in art may begin with an initial epiphany of 'wow, look at the stars' or something analagous, but it is consumated by the intellect's moulding of this experience into a well-formed work of art for the consideration of others.

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