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Mar 29, 2005



Why is it always this way, you meet a woman online, and, of course, she is half way around the globe. Yet here, you find something interesting (free yet), and, of course it is halfway around the globe. Why is that I wonder.


Wow. That's an incredible bit of writing. Thanks. Makes me wish I lived in the Bay Area for your study group.


"I'd rather be real than great."

Surely, what you are showing us is that being real is being great.

In this piece you touch another part of me. A part beyond the brain. You make me stop and contemplate.

Thank you

Tom Asacker

Hmmm . . . "If you dig below the superficials - the mall complex, the billboard ads, the Krispy Kremes and Starbucks - what this church is ultimately "selling" is realness."

Realness? I don't think so. What they're "really" selling is a community of unrealness. They're selling the comfort of "likeness." I highly doubt that you'd find Jesus wandering a church megamall. He'd be where the "real" suffering was taking place.

Otherwise, great post!

Alan Gutierrez

Hello Evelyn

I'm reading through your blog, getting caught up, getting worked up about your dwelve ideas, and I find you quoted me. So very cool.

Here's my take on honesty as it pertains to this conversation.

Tom Willerer

The reason no one wants to be real is because to be real is to be vulnerable. And when you're vulnerable it hurts.

Leaders today don't hurt (or at least they don't let us see it), but someone like Jesus is not like our leaders of today. He sweat blood. He compared himself to a good shepard. As Augustine said, "Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.? Being humble is being real is being vulnerable.

Great post.

Fiona Robyn

Hi Evelyn - good to meet you, great post. Always more of a risk to be 'real'. I'm a big fan of Natalie Goldberg. Looking forward to dropping by again.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Great comments! Was out all day & evening yesterday and meetings first part of I'll check back and comment later in day. Thanks.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Walter, Whittaker - Thanks! Actually the best way to experience an authentic life isn't via a study group -but to spend more time in silence, stillness, or in the "flow" of the present. Which you can do right at home ;-) But I'll miss you guys just the same.

Graham - "In this piece you touch another part of me. A part beyond the brain. You make me stop and contemplate." That's a lovely way to phrase it. I think when I myself am in touch with this part of myself then it's reflected in what I express. And THAT is real. Maybe that was the whole point of the piece. Oh, maybe I'll talk about this again some day. It's too deep right now, but I am struck with what James Joyce says in "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" via this piece "The Way of Art" written by Joseph Campbell - it is about "proper art" which is what I aspire to more and more:

Tom A. - Your comment is worthy of an entire post. But not sure when I'd get to that. I think you have to meet people were they are at. Church is intimidating for many people - in the exurbs Krispy Kremes and Starbucks and malls are familiar and offer some level of comfort. Pastor McFarland is NOT preaching to the converted or he'd have very limited success in reaching people. But at same time, the church knows people do what something more in their lives and desire enrichening connections with their fellow community neighbors in small groups, etc too.

It's actually HUGELY illuminating endeavor to read that NYT article, The Purpose Driven Church and then Seth Godin's new book (I have the galley now) "All Marketers are Liars" in one fell swoop.

"Don't try to change someone's worldview is the strategy smart marketers follow." - All Marketers Are Liars

"A worldview is not forever. It's what the consumer believes _right now_." - All Marketers Are Liars

"Great stories match the voice the consumer's worldview was seeking." - All Marketers Are Liars

I do the same EXACT same thing in this blog. Do you REALLY think this is only a business blog? Nope, the business stuff is the Krispy Kremes here. Among other things, this blog is about challenging our unchallenged assumptions, our cherished limitations, and pushing our edges beyond the dot (see prev post). Business is just the story my market is comfortable with.

Alan - Kudos again on such a quotable quote. I like how you think!

Tom W. - My view is Jesus wasn't afraid to be real because he had a sense of his invulnerability. No, not the invulnerability of his body, but that of his spirit. So, yeah, in a sense he didn't have to prop up any external pyschological defenses. That he comes across as being emotionally available and willing to be vulnerable. But it comes from a place of invulnerability. If (and the rare moments when) I can come from place, I don't feel defenseless at all but safe, peaceful and powerful.

Fiona - Welcome. If you like Natalie...I love her stuff, but I first read it over course of 8-10 years ago when it was all way tooooooo scary to live then. So I am re-reading now. You might like the Dwelve creativity stuff I'll be talking about in the next couple weeks (and last week). Thanks!

Tom Asacker

Thanks for the follow up comment Evelyn. And you're right, it would take an entire post. When you get to it - hehe - consider that Seth is on the mark. So is Pastor McFarland. Great marketing is designed to get people to *buy* something: products, services, concepts. And the best way to do that is to appeal to their present worldview. Great leaders like Jesus, Gahndi, MLK, Siddhartha Gautama, et al. were *not* marketing anything. They were living worldview disrupting lives. Big difference.


Well said. And well said. :-)

Douglas M Henderson

first of all teen's and people of allage's
who say they are in love many they are not.But have falling for the way he or she
look's,and when that happene's that is not
love but lust and only lust,and lust will cause hurt to grow and stay in the heart if
it is long lasting..When we fall in love with some one it is to be as the bible speak
on and about love and that is to love as
chirst loved the church and gave his life fort,and wife's to respect the husband as unto the Lord.To meet some one isn't to say I have a boy or girlfriend but to say Iv'e found my husband or my wife..whom I would like to spin my life with..And let me add if both are doing or treating each other with the bible kind of love that Jesus has then there are no room for error of any kind,because we have a close relationship with our Lord Jesus and this will keep us flowing in pleaseing the Lord because we are pleaseing each other also we should not say no!!!to each other about something's that is husbands and wifes...


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