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Mar 02, 2005


Diego from Metacool

Hmmm... I'm confused by your title. You can overdesign something regardless if it is a big project or a small project. The trick is to the right amount of design thinking relative to the state of evolution of whatever it is you're working on. Your title implies that "design" is an ingredient like salt that can be over- or under-done. I think it is more instructive to think of design as the process by which you do your projects, no matter their size or scope. Small project, big project -- same process.

But big projects should be broken down into smaller projects, and those into smaller experiments.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Good points. I tend to gloss over thinking about the titles. Perhaps, better said: "Just Barely Enough Plans" or "Just Do It Plans" or ???

And I should throw in over-analysis (i.e. analysis paralysis) into the list.



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