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Mar 12, 2005



Interesting Jeff. The situation you drcseibe occurs all too often. The practice of tracking and reporting activities can become so burdensome that the reporting cost exceeds the value of the information derived from the reports. As you know, we worked together to develop a tool for sales people to report on some of their key activities. We made certain that the tool was easy to understand and use, and the reporting took very little time.Think about the case of the photographer above and the pie chart on the right. What Godin suggests is that though all the activities listed may be essential to running the business, even for an entrepreneur, they might be better outsourced so that the photographer could spend more time taking pictures.I'm planning a future blog to discuss some of the material from Timothy Ferriss' best-selling book The Four-Hour Work Week that covers time management and productivity in an entreprenurial environment.


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