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Mar 21, 2005


Don The Idea Guy

I am SO there.
Mental bags are packed and passport to innovation is in-hand. Save me a seat on the "Brain Plane!"

I won't make it to SanFran, but I'll be playing the home version of the game right beside you. Can't wait to see what discoveries the first leg of our trip will uncover.

BTW: Looove the quote. Have it plastered on my blog today.

Jay Sennett

I'm right behind you.
For me translation remains the key point of struggle for me.
If translation is one voice in my head, self-loathing is its opposite. And they do chatter at each other. Always my struggle is to suppress the monkey mind.
I look forward journeying with you.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Good to here from you Don & Jay. Welcome!

Jay - I definitely struggle with translation too. If it is truly a breakthrough idea (and often these alter our lives, they are not just a mere concept) the hardest part is then seeing it through. In phase 4 (translation) definitely will discuss fear of implementation and risk and doubt and all that.

I'm going to post my essay for the 100 Blogger book either today or tomorrow - it talks to this theme and your point.


¡Bueno, niña, que santa idea! I'm stuck right now @ the point where I've gotten somewhat beat up by others for my writing and feel stuck in the business-side of my projects as well as with my own inadequate web design skills. Going forward I wonder what tweaking I need to do to make audiences more amenable to my messages... I'll participate in your experiment to come up with "better ways to communicate" and "handling business mumbo-jumbo."



looking forward to walking a way along the path with you.


Anthony Cerminaro

Evelyn, I am so with you on this. I feel that I have been in saturation mode for a while now. I too have recently lived through a life changing, complacency shattering experience. Ideas fill my head. Yet I wonder, why am I not doing more to live my life the way I envision it, the way I sometimes clearly glimpse it when I am calm, reflective and in touch with what is important. Is it fear? Or what? I wonder.


Evelyn -

I'm drawn to this.

It sounds like a "search for beneficial surprise," as Max De Pree put it.

Real surprise - the totally unexpected. In a world so awash with images and insights, and in groups of people who as adults are taught to hide surprise because to show it would be a sign of weakness, that's hard to accomplish.

I think creativity arises from discovering and connecting. But sometimes I think our lives are set up to hinder those two things rather than support them because surprise (or creative heroics) make us feel scared, not engaged; stupid, not powerful. Doesn't it feel like all this intellectual disinterestedness is the Baal of our lives?

Thanks for the food for thought...


Alan Gutierrez

Hi Evelyn

I've Dwelved (I think) now for about six months on a software project and I'm coming out of it. This is an interesting process you're discussing here. I've given my life over to the pursuit of software as a creative endeavor, inspired in part by ideas I've encountered here. This last stage has been one of developing solo work habits, and creating a body of work that will be a foundation.

This thing you are proposing, I'll have to get caught up, but I'm wondering, how do you choose a project? One month seems so ambitious to me, but I'd like to move forward in life in small steps...

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