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Mar 08, 2005


Jared Evans

Please change the font on your blog. It's very difficult to read the text. I didn't bother to finish reading the entry.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Jared, I'm guessing you mean the font size - or is it the type/style that is difficult to read? I just increased the font size (damn Typepad has font size selection like choosing a T-shirt, so this is small and I had extra small - more aesthetically pleasing. I'd have preferred a size between the two....ah, well).

BTW, the fonts show up much better in RSS readers, the feed is at:


Ahhh... so much better!! Thanks for the change!

Jory Des Jardins

Let's take this a step further and say marketers do set up a fitness blog for women. That's the easy part. Next, the marketing team needs to LIVE on that blog. Not check it out once a week and see what products are mentioned. They need to take it in and mull it over. They need to become part of that comminity. They need to post and see what resonates. They need to develop the instincts of a customer.

This is a tall order, I know. My fear is that some companies are adopting blogging, but not getting past the first 10 percent of effort required.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Great point, Jory. Here's a great quote in the linked above post, "The Competitive Advantage of Blogs" by John Winsor ( from his book, Beyond the Brand:

"Apple is firmly connected to the creative graphics community, Nike has a support system of athletes, and Patagonia is connected with outdoor adventurers. With whom are you connected? Are you networked intimately enough to your group of trend translators that you can call or e-mail at any time to explore a couple of new ideas? Do you know them well enough that, if they don’t know where to find the inspiration you’re seeking, they will turn you onto their network? Not only are Apple, Nike, and Patagonia connected, but they each become a vital part of their network’s community, allowing them to find inspiration for both products and marketing consistently and much faster than their competitors."

There's other points that I left out too.

For instance, I'm sure that with employee blogs, there is an impression, an expectation that companies are listening but unless that employee has a real in with the product management team, your feedback may go nowhere. (I speak from painful personal experience, sometimes product managers pay lip service to feedback - including internal sales and others whom speak daily to customers but aren't necessarily "in charge" of product.)

Secondly, I've been in one-on-one interviews on the customer end and truly felt UNheard. I'm trying to explain what I want big picture and they want to bring the conversation back to if I like XYZ feature, which btw has nothing to do with what I just expressed.


Organizations desperately need to maximize shared understanding



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