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Mar 17, 2005


Mike Warot

I liked your "steal this idea" entry... here's an idea to add to that collection, if you're hardware inclined:

Boiled down, the idea is to build very simple (4 bit) computer cells that take 4 inputs (one bit from each neighbor), and run 4 programs (each a single 16 bit number) resulting in an output for each neighbor.


You said, "Thus, how I'm being is more important than what I'm doing"

I would take it one step further, once you discover who you are in the moment of stillness, it encapsulates who you are, your system of values, if you will, and thus whatever you do will reflect those values.

Lisa Haneberg

Evelyn: I can sure relate to your post. I have plunged deep into big projects with high hopes and, later, disappointments. I have begun to realize the wisdom of experiments, but had never crystalized it in the way you have here. And I agree that the "how" is central to our unique value proposition as solopreneurs.


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