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Feb 02, 2005


Ben Casnocha

Evelyn - I don't think market share has to do with "hottest brand." The amazing thing about Apple is that even people who do NOT own an Apple product still think it's a super cool brand.


Really enjoyed this post. The only thing I would quibble over is sometimes "hot" does produce a higher stock price. Even though Apple may be losing mkt share in PCs, their stock is still benefitting from their extremely positive buzz. I think Jobs can live with a higher stock....however, buzz creating stock price growth sure sounds a lot like the dot com, maybe, buzz for the sake of buzz is not sustainable....

one other thing....I have a friend just starting a biz and I convinced her to begin a blog...
please go over and give her some feedback...thanks!

Evelyn Rodriguez

Ben, True, but that's exactly why marketing isn't always perceived very highly by executives who are trying to run a business. Anyway, it's still hard to say that Apple is the hottest brand in the world from THIS particular survey.

JBR, Perhaps "hot" translates to revenues and stock price eventually, but I think it needs to be "hot" in a ton more people's minds than simply that of marketers that oft times eat up sizzle and barely pick at the steak.

The way the headlines read you might think this survey actually measured the pulse of the WORLDwide consumer market - or even, stockholders. Nope, just measures the pulse of 2,000 brand managers - so what?

CEO Blogger

Good example of how having a "hot brand" doesn't necessariliy translate into big sales. The hotness factor is obviously only one component of successful marketing.

CEO's DO value marketing, which is a very broad term. Sales is a component of marketing, and no CEO would ever denigrate the importance of sales.

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