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Feb 01, 2005



Evelyn, why apologize for using religion in a business context. Surprisingly, no one has really ever synthesized the bible into a business context. There have been snippets here and there, but nothing on a large scale. Countless stories in the various bibles could be adapted to a business context.

You would think more leaders would use Moses as a great leader example. Imagine how much selling/marketing/branding he had to do in order to move an entire people out of Egypt. Sure, the Jews were slaves, but people have a great fear of the unknown. Even if the known is not so great, it took great skill to convince thousands of people to pack up and set off for a destination that no one even knew. Hard to imagine a CEO of a public company selling Wall St. and the employees that he/she was leading the company into a totally new business model. Especially, if he/she couldn't quite pin down an exact time frame for success.

So, don't worry about using religion in a business context. It really should be done more often. As with many things, it boils down to people investing faith in something and having a willingness to expend effort to achieve what they have faith in. As in the Forbes article, I suspect many people learn more from a biography or historical event. The events from 3,000 years ago can still resonate for most people.


Everything is an emotional contract, from our daily relationships with friends and family to work to our relationship with God. God needs us to succeed and we need God to succeed. One of my own marketing lessons over the past year has been the individual / group polarity and how to manifest that through communications ... but here is the trick, I had to learn to do it myself. See people searching for purpose are searching for their identity, "I am a ... woman, who enjoys... " and that takes work, but in the end you find your gifts which God expects you to use / maximize - daily! Now, marketers, we go out and sell things to people and say, "Hey buy this and you'll be happy, mimic this and you'll find your identity." But, it's not true. Marketers [and I did it too] also say, to love yourself and therefore be accepted into the group, buy our product - instant identity, instant acceptance, see all these loving people?! ...We broke our emotional contract with our consumers. Our contract, our promise was to enhance their lives, not lie to them, not feed them a bunch of shit. Our emotional contract, our promise was to help them "feel" good and help them go out maximize their the fingertips of God, daily.

So, what am I saying? I believe life is an emotional contract. I believe marketing in about relationships and therefore is also about emotional contracts. I believe marketing needs to change to support individual identities. I believe you are getting warm with religion, but it's not religion it is soul marketing, it is people wanting to connect their feelings and their actions. It's more's human and that is more Christian than a church and all of its rituals.

Evelyn Rodriguez

JBR, Once in a blue moon I forget and actually care what others may think of me. I'm not sure why it feels so hard to mention anything that smacks of spirit. I think it's my engineering background ;-) Take a look at some of the folks that rank high in "The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History", (

Wendy, One needs to read my blog for a while to understand where I'm coming from. This post introduces the method - not the religion or the trappings - of the success of Saddleback Church. And I'm curious how OTHERS are looking at the tie-in between religion and marketing. I think companies need to acknowledge that people value having a sense of purpose, their innate potential and being part of something larger than themselves - I'm not suggesting that is found in a drink, a shoe, or a device. It's important for companies to have a higher purpose driving them than simply cashing out on the next IPO etc. It's totally incorrect to suggest YOUR product is the holy grail or THE path to happiness, peace, love, etc. But that doesn't mean you can't approach your customers with happiness, peace and love. As I've said, I totally disagree with Atkin's view (a popular one).

Here's a few more relevant posts:

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Evelyn Rodriguez

Wow, from the trackbacks I see we are back on the brand and branding debate. I think a brand exists like any idea exists; although branding as an activity is futile.

Perhaps another post is in order but in the meantime, I'd like to reiterate that NONE of the above "What is a brand" definitions sits entirely well with me. Perhaps I tried to weave too many themes together; but I wanted to introduce Rick Warren's marketing philosophy (I'm sure we disagree somewhere) as much of it aligns with mine.

Many definitions of brand are particularly static and particularly unilateral. Media over time has moved from story-telling to story-forming to story-dwelling (see below) while branding has remained fixed in story-telling. While I mull about this said post, you can maybe stitch together where I'd take the conversation by reading these two older posts:


i am very happy to see this magnificent web site. its really good for the students. i think brand is not just giving a name to a product its somthing beyond this. its about minds and the image of our generic product in the evoke set and its respective priorities.positioning brand is like knowing the secret password of the mind of the consumer.its difficult but not impossible.

michael jones

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