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Feb 18, 2005


Johnnie Moore

Thanks Evelyn. I too am struggling with my More Space essay, especially with my own disssatisfaction with what I'm writing.

This strikes me an awesome start to your new draft. It would certainly hook me in, although I biassed in your favour.

I especially like the riff of overlapping themes for that this is about. Great stuff.

One minor anxiety would be the use of the word precision. I think the search for precision often takes us down the path of trying to put numbers on the unmeasurable... it might we worth exploring what you mean by the word in this context... I wonder if you might mean something more like courage?

Anyhow, you've got me inspired to think again about how I'm writing my own piece!


Yes you've got me hooked.
The next part please.

The concept that it is all about how vital things are in our world rather than everything is dying.

It seems easier to talk about everything dying and of being of no benefit rather than to relook at our world, inside and out, and decide what is vital for our existence and ongoing growth.

Thank you for the thought process.


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