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Feb 22, 2005



So my question is, what happened to Nike *after* its heyday? Did they stop listening? Stop deep listening?

I so well remember clients begging for "Nike work." Never mind that they wouldn't know breakthrough creative if it fell on them; they didn't even understand the process of gathering the information and creating a product that could make for "Nike work."

Who understands anymore--and engages in--the deep listening necessary to create a successful relationship with one's customers? Really--who's doing it?

Evelyn Rodriguez

Colleen, That is a GREAT question - deserving of its own post. I HIGHLY recommend Chapter 2 (heck, the whole book) in A New Brand World, by Scott Bedbury. My guess is they brought in the professional market researchers - something Nike eschewed for a long time. If so, they stopped listening for the burning issues and just focused on testing ad campaigns and product features. And it's also easy for a company to lose a sense of their own soul, what makes them tick, what their essence is.

Here's a nice snippet on how they thought internally in the "heydey": "The brand was supposed to be FELT, not scripted. Everything had to be absorbed at a visceral level, not talked about, conceptualized, or abstracted. And NEVER framed on a wall."

Ah, who's doing it right these days... Another good question.

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