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Feb 03, 2005



I love this exercise!

It reminds me of the Russell Edson exercise from Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down The Bones: you park your butt down and write whatever comes to you, stream of consiousness-style. Preferably ten times.

Whether it makes sense or not, the "crazy" stuff that lies beneath the surface is so much more interesting that what we can dream up, it's always a better way to kick off a writing session.

Steve S

Good exercise. Nice writing. Keep up the good blogging!


I listened to poet and novelist Ron Koertge several years ago talk about how he wrote a haiku every morning instead of writing in a journal or doing some warm-up freewriting. I did find it to be as your workshop teacher suggested: a daily meditative practice.


That’s an interesting observation. Having both Chinese and English poetic experience, I would say the main difference between the Chinese and English (or western language in general) poems is the nature of these languages. Chinese is an extremely concise language. A 5- or 7-character line may have to be translated into a short paragraph in English, if you want to convey the full meaning. Chinese is a very fluid language. There is little grammatical rule, especially in poetry – no tense, no conjugation, no singular or plural, no gender... But one word or two can open up an entire space of imagination.


u r dump syco poms you write

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