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Feb 11, 2005


Sergiy Grynko

Why, oh why does Red Bull always make it onto these lists? Yes, they make a lot of money. So do tobacco companies. And both make their money off of things that people are far better off not putting into their bodies. Aren't we better off celebrating the success of companies that got successful without putting addictive substances into their products?


I can't speak about companies, but I know that I am taking the more patient approach with regards to personal finance.

I'm 29 and engaged to be married in seven months. In talking about our financial future, I realized that we're both financially illiterate. Deciding to finally learn more about personal finance in order to build a more stable financial future together, we went to Barnes and Noble to look for a good "how-to."

The first book we picked up was "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" since it had been recommended several times. While reading it, though, I started feeling uneasy. It just seemed too easy and that the author was evangelizing, not teaching. When I read online that there's controversy over his methods and preaching the "get rich through real estate" scheme, I immediately went back to the bookstore and returned it.

In its place, I'm now reading a book called "The Wealthy Barber." What drew me to it right away was the back cover. Instead of shouting, "YOU CAN GET RICH QUICK!" at us, the author described the book as one in which build a comfortable, stable financial future in a steady, patient manner.

I see this approach toward personal finance in very close comparison to what you're talking about, Evelyn. Building sound fundamentals and maintaining steady, patient growth may not get one on the cover of Fast Company, but it will help pave a road toward sucess all the same.

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