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Jan 07, 2005



Dear Evelyn,

Thank you for the mention of my blog in your post. It's gratifying to know that my efforts, which seem so paltry and insignificant, have an impact. It proves the point I was trying to make. We never truly know what effect our words and actions have. Our sphere of influence is so much greater than we can conceive of. Would that we all, for even a split second, could have universal perspective. What a challenge to our collective narcissism that would be.

I love that you're reading Ken Wilber. Have you read any A. H. Almaas? If you like Wilber I think you'd appreciate his work as well.


I believe the Knitters Without Borders total reflects both Canadian and American dollars, so it's not, perhaps, exact--but it is inspiring.

The knit bloggers, as you may have noticed, are about a lot more than knitting more often than not.


Many thanks for the mention of Knitters Without Borders. I appreciate the careful thought and writing.
(For the record, the total is in CAD, but there may be some of it in USD, since not everyone thinks to tell me their currency.)


very interesting, but I don't agree with you

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