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Jan 14, 2005



Just for grins...seeing that Fortune is now looking favorably at blogs and since they are so good with lists, I wonder what are the top 50 best blogging companies? 50 seems like a good number as I doubt there are 500 companies blogging.

Criteria will be....Company has an external blog,CEO has a blog, company promotes blogging, bloggers subscribe to the company blog and company actually uses blog feedback in decision making.

Not too hard to guess that Microsoft will be #1, but it would be interesting to get a feel for the other 49.

Evelyn, you have a lot of readers. Hopefully, they will pick up on this and we can get some votes rolling in.
Maybe, Hugh, Scoble, Bruner and others will pick up on this as well. It would be an interesting annual event.

We will know that blogging has "arrived" when blogging is cited as a reason to work at one of the Top 100 places to work.


Another thought: They provide a good way of measuring employee satisfaction and involvement. One of the most difficult tasks for a marketing team to do is to "rally the troops" to want to blog (i.e. participate in singing the praises of a company that does not sing the praises of their staff).

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